Training & Support

When you buy an Ultimaker from us we are here to help you with your journey regardless if your brand new to 3D printing or are a 3D printing expert. We cater to a a wide range of expertice levels and can tailor make a training, maintenance and support package that suits your needs, both now and into the future.


We provide training ranging from:

Unboxing, setup and basic printer & cura training

  • Unpacking and printer set up.
  • Explaination of parts in the printer and box.
  • Material Selection
  • Visual checks when printing.
  • Part orientation.
  • Cura operation, profiles, part slicing & previews.
  • Print parameters, layer heights & speeds, rafts & brims.
  • Atomic Pull Method.
  • Secrets to successful prints first time.


Intermediate Training

  • Intermediate printer operation.
  • Multi nozzle types.
  • Supports & shields.
  • Maintenance spares.
  • Maintenance Schedule.
  • More advanced cura training, retraction, infill types,
  • Dual extrusion PVA, Breakaway, PLA.
  • Dual colour.
  • Multi material types, ABS, Ngen, TPU95.
  • Part Design.


Advanced Training

  • Advanced printer operation.
  • XY Calibration.
  • Print core cleaning.
  • Advanced maintenance.
  • Disassembly of common components & Fault finding.
  • Advanced cura training, marketplace, special modes.
  • Advanced materials, XT CF-20 Carbon Fibre, PA6 Glass Fibre, Nylon, PA6 – CF Carbon Fibre.
  • Multi part print nesting.
  • Variable infill.
  • Multi parts & nesting for production.
  • Part embedment’s.

Support Subscription

Want the peace of mind that comes from someone being there when you may just need some help ?

Subscribe to our support subscription and you can have access to help with any issues when you need it.

YouTube video

Cura – Ultimakers Slicer

Ultimaker invests just as much into their proprietary slicing software, Cura, as they do into their 3D Printing machines. Cura is constantly evolving and improving all the time which can sometimes make it hard to keep up to date with the latest developments and improvements. Cura is a free download and an exceptional piece of software. Access it here.

We provide support, training and guidance on how best to use cura via our training programs.



YouTube video
YouTube video