Ultimaker 3D Printer Rentals & Trade ins

Renting an Ultimaker 3D printer makes a lot of sense. Heres why.

  • No need to expend any funds to try professional 3D printing before you buy or upgrade.
  • Maybe you just have a short term need to print something over a few months inhouse without paying for costly prototyping.
  • You could be experienced with 3D printing and want to extend your printing capacity for a short period to complete a project.
  • Turn a capital expenditure into an ongoing operational cost.
  • Fully supported rental packages available to provide that assistance when you need it. Your not going it alone.

What ever your reason, renting an Ultimaker 3D Printer, just makes sense…

Rent a mini print farm 5 x UM3’s

Rent an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

$425.00 Inc GST

Rent an Ultimaker 3 / Extended

$150.00 Inc GST

Rent an Ultimaker 2+ Extended

$100.00 Inc GST

Take a look at these machines capabilities…

Ultimaker 3D Printer Trade Ins

If you already have an Ultimaker and are thinking of upgrading or purchasing a new machine from us enquire about our trade in offer.

Naturally, terms  and conditions apply

Ultimaker Preloved 3D Printers

Want an Ultimaker but are on a very tight budget ? What about a preloved machine ?

Naturally, terms  and conditions apply and we might also be negotiable !

Preloved Ultimaker 2+

$2,435.00 Inc GST