Get the best value on UltiMaker 3D Printers.

3D STEM is Australia’s leading reseller of UltiMaker 3D printers. We provide complete end-to-end service for all your printing needs including sales, leasing, set up, training, servicing, maintenance, consumables and spare parts, giving you the most competitive price and best service available.

Superior support over the life of your printer.

We understand that buying a 3D printer isn’t just a once off purchase, it’s an investment. That’s why we supply everything you need to keep your printer running well over the long-term. This includes supplying all consumables as well as training, troubleshooting, servicing, and fixing any faults. With 3D STEM you can expect:

The best value for money

We pride ourselves on giving you the best deal on your UltiMaker 3D printer for sales and service.

A high level of capability

No job is too big or too small. At 3D STEM we have the capability to install more than 30+ printers at a time.

A proven track record

We have extensive experience working with large organisations and navigating complex and lengthy procurement processes.

An end-to-end solution

We sell, lease, train, service, maintain, fix, and provide all consumables, giving you everything you need.

A highly qualified team

Keep your printer running with our expert engineer who specialises in fixing and servicing UltiMaker printers.

The very best in service

That’s why we don’t see the sale of a printer as a transaction, we see it as the start of a relationship.

Hear from our Happy Customers

Bryce Fullwood

"Steve was great to deal with. Has a lot of knowledge and very helpful with selecting the right material for my needs. Certainly made it very easy to buy filament and would highly recommend to everyone."

Stan Thompson

"'s been great to continue the relationship and take advantage of his knowledge and resources. I've been dabbling with my Ultimaker for nearly 12 months, it's a way smarter machine than I am an operator, and having Steve on tap for filament and bits and pieces at the right price has been a big help."

Tom McErlean

"Steve is a really great business partner to deal with. We had terrific sales support when first purchasing our printer from 3D STEM.

Many years later when we had an issue out of warranty he was quicker, more knowledgeable and more helpful than the actual supplier in sourcing replacement parts. Thanks Steve!"

Dr Andrew Kettle

"Awesome service with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Support, Advice, and competitive consumable pricing has us using this company as our first-go-to. Highly highly recommended. We regularly buy our materials and have had machines services with very satisfying results."

UltiMaker. The Ultimate 3D Printer.

There’s a reason we only stock UltiMaker 3D printers and why giant global brands like Ford, Tesla, Apple, and NASA use them. Simply put, they are powerful, durable, reliable, and easy to use and are the very best 3D printers on the market.

What makes UltiMaker the ultimate 3D printer?

Achieve fast, high-quality results every time.

UltiMaker 3D printers are smart and work straight out of the box. They are fast, super reliable and create great results first time, every time.

Print a huge range of materials.

UltiMaker can print the largest range of materials from colourful PLA, ABS, metal filled, TPU95, CPE, PETG, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Carbon filled nylons and of course dissolvable support PVA, BVOH and Breakaway.

Pay less for consumables.

UltiMaker’s open-source filament supply means you can use any third-party filaments in your printer, so you always pay less and have the widest choice for consumables.

Explore the UltiMaker range.

With seamless hardware, software, and material integration, the UltiMaker S7, S5 and S3 enables designers, engineers, and manufacturers to approach innovation in a new way. Create complex geometries and achieve remarkable design intricacy with the most reliable dual extrusion machine on the market.

3D STEM is proudly owned and operated by Steve

“Our passion for 3D Printing and UltiMaker started in 2016. Having seen the flood of 3D printers enter the market we didn’t want to play around with do-it-yourself kits, kickstarter companies or any other fly by night companies. We wanted a rock solid and dependable printer choice and when we investigated UltiMaker we knew we found the right partner.”

Steve Reid
3D STEM Founder

The UltiMaker Experts

At 3D STEM we’re not salespeople, we’re experts who specialise in UltiMaker printers. Our qualified engineer knows everything there is to know about UltiMaker printers, ensuring you get prompt answers to questions and the right information, immediately, every time. We’ll work with you to find the right printer for your needs and keep it running effectively, efficiently, for the long-term.

Get your UltiMaker 3D printer today!

Explore UltiMaker Models

Want to find the right UltiMaker 3D Printer for your needs? Explore our full range of printers that can suit a wide range of budgets and purposes.

Lease a Preloved UltiMaker

Not ready to buy but ready to try? We give you the opportunity to lease one of our pre-loved machines to try out the UltiMaker 3D printer firsthand.

Find UltiMaker Materials

One of the benefits of an UltiMaker 3D printer is the open-source filament system that allows you to utilise a wide range of materials in your machine.

Already have an UltiMaker?

Shop for Filament

We supply range of different filament from standard PLA through to specialty and engineering grade filament.

Shop for Spare Parts

Looking for a spare part to keep your machine running as good as new? We have a wide range of UltiMaker spare parts in stock.

Sell or Trade-in

Ready to sell or looking to upgrade? Here at 3D STEM, we buy used machines and welcome trade-ins on new printers.

The newest UltiMaker is here. Introducing the UltiMaker S7.

Unlock a new level of 3D printing success.

Packed with the latest technology the new UltiMaker S7 boasts greater reliability, accuracy and print quality as well as an increase in air quality, a significant reduction in noise and the ability to print with 280+ materials.
Independently tested to remove 95% of ultra-fine particles from every print*.

* Tested by Fraunhofer WKI. Only including UltiMaker materials.

Inductive sensor signal 100x stronger than background electrical noise.

Need filament for your 3D printer?

We’ve got you covered! Ranging from 1.75mm to 2.85mm, we have a wide range of filament options available from standard PLA right through to specialty and engineering grade filament.

Explore our full filament range today to see the availability on PLA, Tough PLA, Low Weight Foaming PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, TPU95, Ngen, XT, HT, XT-CF20 Carbon Fibre, PA6-GF Glass Fibre, PA6-CF Carbon Fibre, Nylon and more!




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3d printer brisbane, 3d printing brisbane, Ultimaker 3 Brisbane


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