Ultimaker 2, 2+ & Extended Enclosures

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Ultimaker 2, 2+ &  Extended – Guard / Semi enclosure

6mm Acrylic Top Hat and 4.5 mm Face plate with cabinetry handle


– Assists with managing the ability for people to touch hot components

– Potential to have hand and finger injuries from placing hands in the build volume

– Generation of noise, dust and odours from the printed component

– Inability to safely print in close office / home environments

– Difficulty in maintaining a stable print temperature and environment in some locations

– Ability by anyone to disrupt the print by touching it




The guard includes two components, a top hat and face place that allows uninterrupted and safe viewing of the printer operation, access to all controls whilst limiting the ability to allow hands, fingers etc.. from being in the build volume and works very well in maintaining a more controllable printing environment. You will need to assess the heat generation / retention and ensure you have your settings correct.


The guard is fabricated from :


Top hat – 6mm clear acrylic with pvc foam seal

Face Plate – 4.5 mm clear acrylic with pvc foam seal


Whilst nothing will protect like a separate, air tight and lockable full enclosure (which we are also developing), this guard / semi enclosure goes a long way to helping with many of the issues discussed above. However we should note it is not a fume style cupboard.


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