Besides your initial investment in a 3D printer the next best investment you can make is in getting some specific training on how to 3D print.


Knowing how to properly set up your machine, prepare files, adjust Cura settings, manage and monitor your print and perform your own modelling for things that only you can create can be priceless to increase your understanding and reduce your learning curve. We should know because we learned the hard way ! In any event we have compiled a list of training resources and things to look for on the following pages.


Unboxing & Set Up

Learn the simple task of unboxing your new Ultimaker printer and set it up for your first printing experience.


Custom Installation & Cura

We provide a fully comprehensive installation service to perform the installation of your new Ultimaker for you and show you one on one and first hand how to get started. We also show you a few tips and how to deal with some of the potential issues that may come up. In short we take most of the experimentation and trial and error out of setting up your print settings to suit your business needs.


Advanced Training & Consulting

This is where we really excel. We provide a specialised service to teach you how to incorporate 3D printing into your business and ensure proper workflows are created to meet your business needs, be it improved productivity, replacing traditional manufacturing, prototype production, visualisation tools, or just the ability to create.


Educational Programs

Who better than to teach our budding future Scientists, Engineers, Technologists and Mathematicians, 3D printing by using the Ultimaker platform.

We are an group of experienced Engineers, Project Managers, Technologists and proven 3D printers using the Ultimaker platform. as Mechanical Engineers holding Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) status we are best placed to introduce the world of 3D printing through our Educational Program Syllabus to your students.

Be it Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, or Adult special interest level we have a program to suit all ages and competency levels.