0.6 mm UMS5 CC Red Print Core

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Product Description

0.6 mm diameter nozzle.
Precision-machined brass nozzle with a wear-resistant ruby cone at its tip.
Specially customized internal geometry prevents clogging.
Features the same quick-swap design as other Ultimaker print cores for fast changeovers with no tooling and maximum uptime.
Each print core CC Red 0.6 is packaged with four spare Ultimaker S5 nozzle covers for long-term use.


Design tested to print 10 kg of carbon fiber filament with no loss of print quality, and 1,000 plus hours of extrusion. (In comparison, a typical brass nozzle can print about 0.3 kg and hardened steel 3 kg of such material before print quality is reduced).

Performed over 1,000 heat cycles and 2,000,000 retractions in testing. Developed in collaboration with engineer and Ultimaker community member Anders Olsson.


The print core CC Red is compatible with the Ultimaker S5. (It is not compatible with the Ultimaker 3 because its feeder is not wear-resistant for printing with abrasive materials. If a user loads a Print Core CC onto an Ultimaker 3, a warning that it is not compatible with the printer will appear. Users can either adhere to the warning or ignore the warning and continue printing at their own risk).