A 3D printer is not going to be like a photocopier that you just put a page in, push a button and out comes a perfect print.


Whilst the Ultimaker 2+ is the easiest and most consistent 3D printer on the market there can be quite a lot of skill involved in producing the amazing creations you see being made.


That’s why this page will be your go to guide to helping solve all those pesky little issues that you may encounter and best of all it will help you prevent the issues in the first place !



Our Troubleshooting page will help with diagnosing issues you may experience when you first start to 3D print.


Manuals & Guides

Manuals & Guides contains all the information you will need to dig into deeper issues with your printer and how to perform many of the add on parts you may be interested in. You’ll also find all the specifications on all the Ultimaker printers here.


Suggested Maintenance

Here we have complied a list of suggested maintenance activities and the times to perform them to keep your Ultimaker in top form to produce amazing prints. A small list of suggested spare parts, depending on your maintenance regime, is also available to assist with with parts and how many to keep on hand to make sure you are always printing !