Custom Installation

If you are interested in a complete custom installation and initial training to get you started we will cover the following with you on a one on one basis and make sure you are all ready to start exploring the world of 3D printing.


  • Unpacking and set up / assembly
  • Machine warranty issue check to make sure it’s all ok.
  • Bed plate levelling procedure
  • Material loading and material settings on machine
  • Awareness of Custom material presets and settings
  • Getting ready for a print, check filament, filament loading, bed plate glue, cleaning.
  • Start test print of preloaded part, customise / change machine settings on the fly


Cura training going through some of the settings to be able to generate g code and perform a print from an STL file which would involve :


  • Load model
  • Rotate, scale, mirror
  • Machine settings as per screen shots below
  • Bottom, top, internal, external speeds and thickness tips that we have from hundreds of hrs of printing.
  • Infil percentages
  • View tool path visualisation
  • Export G Code to SD Card
  • More advanced functions like Support structure generation, spiralise, awareness of parameters that can be customised and trialled.
  • Abort test print and
  • Start and run a test print of your own model.