Advanced Training


In more advanced training we will look at your specific businesses  workflow, or process, to create a 3D printed part so that it performs the business function that you require. We will also look at the following:


1/. Beyond the initial install, a further advanced training session of a couple of hours with several of your staff where they can ask as many questions / try as many things as they would like with the printer.

2/. Determining the carrying a small inventory of maintenance spares and performing regular routine maintenance vs breakdown maintenance and setting up a simple maintenance schedule.

3/. A session on physically disassembling components on the machine and performing some typical user required maintenance / fixes that you will typically need to do yourself. These would include :


  • Required tools
  • Clean build plate & machine bottom
  • Disassemble and clean out Bowden tube.
  • Disassemble and clean extruder after grinding problem
  • Remove and replace hot end
  • Print malfunction affecting hot end
  • Clean and lube xyz axis
  • Belt tension check


4/. Knowing where to source electronic manuals for the machine and the entire build and electronics specifications and drawings.

5/. Forum site links and documentation explaining issues / failed prints due to known industry 3D printing issues (ie) speeds selected to fast, under extrusion, old filament, heater temp too low, bed plate adhesion issues etc…

6/. Assistance with or participation in inductions / Job Safety Risk Analysis / procedural issues for your particular business.

Project Management & Engineering Design


  • Project Management & Engineering Design
  • Business cases and cost benefit analysis
  • 3D modelling
  • Workflow creation
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